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Standards and conformity

The official website for "" has been built respecting the latest norms and web standards established by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).

It follows building norms valid for HTML5 and CSS3. It respects the standards of accessibility conforming to WAI-A - WCAG 1.0.

Compatible Web Browsers

This site has been developed mainly for Firefox 49 (Mac and PC), Chrome 53 (PC and Mac), Internet Explorer 10/11 (PC), Safari 4 (Mac) and most of the browsers available on tablets and mobiles (Androïd / iOs).
It is, nevertheless, usable on all other browsers conforming to W3C norms and accepting CSS2.

Please note: This site has not been developed for Internet Explorer 7 and 9 (PC) and Safari 2 to 3 (Mac), These two web browsers are today: too slow and insecure and no longer have updates from their developers. (Microsoft® or Apple®). This could mean that the web site may not display correctly and in this case we advise you to update your browser.

Display size

The optimum display resolution for a landline is 1280 x 960 pixels and is auto-adaptable on other devices (tablets and mobiles).

Text shown on this site has an adaptable font size. In order to zoom in, we advise you use the latest web browsers, which provide the possibility of digital zooming on the entirety of the visible page, whilst perfectly maintaining the layout.

If you wish to modify the text display:
- With various web browsers: Ctrl + mouse wheel
- Internet Explorer : go to Display >> Text size and choose.
- Mozilla Firefox or Netscape : key Ctrl + + to enlarge and Ctrl + - to reduce.
- Opera : press on the keys + ou - of the numeric keypad. Or go to Display >> Zoom and choose.

Navigating using tabs

Press on the Tab and repeat until you find the desired link, validate by pressing Enter

Keyboard shortcuts (accesskeys)

  • r = Search for site content
  • p = Go to sitemap
  • 0 = Help and site accessibility
  • 1 = Go to Welcome page
  • 2 = Go to the section"Charming Hotel"
  • 3 = Go to the section "The Restaurant Nougier"
  • 4 = Go to the section "The Chef"
  • 5 = Go to the section "Relaxation Area"
  • 6 = Go to the section "Seminars and Events"
  • 7 = Go to the section "The Territory"
  • 8 = Go to the page "Partners"
  • 9 = Go to the page "Contact"
  • m = Go to the page "Legal notices"
  • a = Go to the page "Help and accessibility"
  • c = Go to the page "Info cookies"
  • e = Go to the page ""
  • v = Go to the page "Terms and Conditions"

Note : No standard having been established, we hope that we have made a wise choice. If not, please could you inform us via CONTACT


  • Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox on Windows : Press simultaneously the keys Maj and Alt, as well as one of the keys accesskey on the keyboard (not the numeric keypad). You will be directed straight to the page wanted.
  • Internet Explorer (since v.7) on Windows : Press simultaneously the key Alt and on one of the keys accesskey on the keyboard (not the numeric keypad) and then press the key Enter to be taken to the page wanted.
  • Opera on Windows, Macintosh and Linux : Esc + Maj and accesskey
  • MSIE on Macintosh : Ctrland accesskey, then Enter
  • Safari on Macintosh : Ctrl and accesskey
  • Mozilla and Netscape on Macintosh : Ctrl and accesskey
  • Galeon, Mozilla and FireFox on Linux : Alt and accesskey
  • Konqueror 3.3+ : Ctrl, then accesskey (successively)

Note : Other browsers do not support accesskeys.


  • Ctrl + N = Open a new window
  • Ctrl + T = Open a new tab (Mozilla only)
  • F5 = Reload the page
  • MAJ + CTRL + R = Reload the page (Firefox)
  • Ctrl + F5 = Reload the page (force the cache)
  • Ctrl + W = Close the tab or close the open page
  • Ctrl + F = Search in the page
  • Ctrl + P = Print the page
  • Ctrl + A = Select all
  • Ctrl + C = Copy to the clipboard
  • Ctrl + V = Paste from the clipboard
  • F11 = Full screen
  • Ctrl + F3 = Display the page source code (Internet Explorer and Opera only)


Virtual view

Image illustrant la possibilité d'effectuer une VR