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1. Why cookies?

When you navigate to our site, information relative to your visit is likely to be registered in the « Cookie » files held on your computer, digital tablet or smartphone.

1.1. Session identifier

A unique session identifier is attributed to you via a cookie.
It contains a random chain of numbers and letters, forming an identifier, which is only valid during your browsing session on « ».
It is automatically destroyed when you close your browser.

Issuer : SPIP

1.2. Access to your subscriber account/members

A unique authentication key is attributed to you via a cookie.
This key is composed of a chain of random numbers and letters. Generated by the server when you contact your account, it is valid only for the time of your connection. It is automatically destroyed when you use the « Disconnection » button or when you quit your browser.

If you refuse this cookie, you will not be able to access the pages of your subscriber account.

1.3. Tracking statistics

Cookies allow us to know the number of site visits made on « » and includes the following categories; the number of pages seen, the pages visited, the browser used, etc.
This information permits us to improve the site (usability, content etc.).
This data is not personalised.
This site uses Google Analytics in order to analyse site usage and to improve its content. For further information on the confidentiality rules relative to the use of Google Analytics, click here:

1.4. Obtaining your consent for the filing of cookies

A cookie containing your consent for the filing of cookies will be submitted, if possible. After which you will no longer receive any further alert messages concerning the use of cookies on

2. How to delete cookies

You can deactivate cookies.

Your browser can equally be configured to show you the cookies filed on your computer and to ask you to accept them or not. You can accept or refuse cookies on a case by case basis or refuse them systematically once and for all.

We remind you that the configuration may modify your ability to access our services requiring the use of cookies.

The configuration of each browser is different. It will be shown in your browser help menu, which will enable you to modify your wishes regarding cookies.

You can deactivate cookies by following these instructions:

2.1. Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, click on the button « Tools », then on « Internet Options ».
Under the tab « General », under « Navigation history », click on « Preferences ».
Click on the button « Show files ».
Click at the top of the column « Name » in order to sort the files into alphabetical order, then search the list until you find the files starting with the prefix « Cookie » (all cookies have this prefix and normally contain the Web address of the site that created the cookie).
Select the cookie(s) containing the name « » and delete them.
Close the window containing the list of files, then click twice on OK to return to Internet Explorer

For for details, updating: consult the Internet Explorer help page

2.2. Firefox

Go to the tab « Tools » within the browser, then select « Options ».
In the displayed window, choose « Private life » and click on « Display cookies ».
Notice which files contain the name « ». Select them and delete.

Details, updating: consult the Firefox help page

2.3. Safari

In your browser, click on « Safari > Preferences ».
Click on « Privacy ».
Click on« Manage Website Data ».
Select the cookies which contain the name « » and click on « Remove » or on « Remove All ».
After having deleted the cookie(s), click on « Done ».

Details, updates: consult the Safari help page

2.4. Google Chrome

  • Click on the menu icon « Tools ».
  • Select « Options ».
  • Click on the tab « Advanced Options » and go to the section « Confidentiality ».
  • Click on the button « Display cookies ».
  • Notice which files contain the name « ». Select them and click delete.
  • Click on « Close » to return to your browser.

Details, updates: consult the Chrome help page

2.5. Opera

Details, updates: consult the Opera help page


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